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About Us

Welcome to Pest Managers. Our company is formulated of a team of environmental pest control officers, highly qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of common household pest issues as well as fully compliant in the regulation and assessment of commercial requirements. Our aim is to keep your home and business both a safe, clean and healthy environment to be in, and delivering 100% customer satisfaction is always a top priority.

Our company continues to expand and improve on all the services we offer with continued investment into our officers training, our equipment and the current trends within the Cape Town region to ensure not only a quality, fast service delivery but also one that’s affordable to all.

Our Services 


Our highly experienced management ensure that the company runs diligently and we aim to accommodate all requirements and needs, no matter how big or small they may seem. We are customer focused and aim to exceed your expectations time and time again to fulfill our core mission of creating a pest free, safe and healthy environment for our clients. We welcome the chance to work with new customers every day, so feel free to get in touch and speak with us directly about any requirements you may have.

Our Team

We are passionate about pest control! Our team is highly motivated and share the same core values as the company ethos about creating a clean and healthy environment in Cape Town. Our regulated, accredited environmental officers provide a professional service which is tailored and customized to suit your needs. We hope to see you soon as a new customer of Pest Managers.

Adriaan Jordaan – Owner and Master Pest Control Expert