Dealing with Ants in Cape Town

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Pest control is a mandatory undertaking in every home. Unfortunately, ants nest removal is a common pest control problem that has given many people a hard time. Some ant species are very difficult to control and can cause structural damage if extermination is not done. While there are many types of ants, ant control in Cape Town is done using the same strategies. The common mistake made by homeowners when their homes are infested by ants is to kill those they can see and hope that the problem has been solved. To eliminate ant problems, you have to look for qualified experts in pest control.

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The problems with ants in Cape Town can be attributed to the warm environments which they thrive in. the best solution for ant eradication is the use of ant baits. This indoor ant control strategy draws ants to the food put inside the bait. This food usually contains poison and when the ants take the food to the nest the problem is likely to be solved at the source. This is the best strategy that you can apply to remove ants in problem areas of your home. This solution is very effective because ants tend to follow scent trails in groups. All you need to do is to identify the trail and set the bait in their path.

You may succeed in killing the ants in your home but it won’t stop those next door and outdoors from invading the house in search of food and water. This is where you need qualified experts who can eliminate ant problems Cape Town wide. Before the outdoor ants move into your home, you should find the nest and douse it with a liquid insecticide. The ants can only be eliminated if the spray penetrates deep and the exercise is conducted more than once. As a preventive measure, you can protect your home by applying an insecticide that acts as a repellent around the outside edges of your house.