Bird Prevention & Proofing in Cape Town

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Although birds are very friendly, their droppings can be unsightly. Not all birds are welcome in our homes due to noise, dirt and the likelihood of spreading bacteria which can lead to disease. bird control in Cape Town is undertaken to ensure the city does not face the inconvenience of having to clear the mess of the birds. Professional pest specialists are quite handy when it comes to the construction of cages, wire mesh and various netting that help get rid of birds nesting. Some of the most difficult to get rid of birds include roof guttering and voids. In Cape Town, bird control is done by professional installers and pest control operators. The magnitude of the bird control project depends on the size of the open space.

bird control cape town

Bird and pigeon proofing Cape Town is dependent on preventive rather than controlling measures. Preventing is actually pocket friendly because all it takes is to install the easy and cost effective methods listed. The preventive strategies save you time by eliminating the bird menace further down the line. Our bird prevention strategy is the most effective, low profile and durable solution in dealing with pest bird infestation. Bird nets work by creating a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing areas they are not wanted.

We do bird prevention netting Cape Town to protect areas of value such as products, crops and property. The semi-enclosed spaces and other open areas make pest bird roosting welcome. When birds stay in the open spaces long, they perch and end up nesting thus making the place their home. This can happen even in places that are zero-tolerance zones for birds. The integrity of such places can only be maintained through the erection of bird deterrent protective barriers. The barriers are 100% effective in excluding bird pests from the property.