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Mice, rats, and rodents are unwanted pests in any household or professional space. They carry a number of diseases such as rat-bite fever and Hantavirus, some of which are potentially fatal to humans. Also, rats, mice, and rodents can cause allergies which can cause asthma in both adults and children. Apart from allergies and diseases, rats, mice and rodents are destructive because they eat anything in a house from clothes and food, to parts of the house. This is why you need rat control Cape Town to ensure these rodents are dealt with as soon as you spot them around your space.

rat & rodent control cape town

For all professional rodent removal services as well as problems with mice, you need to contact Pest Managers for the most effective and efficient solutions. We provide services like regular rodent traps servicing, and advice on the most effective rat poison to combat a rat infestation. We are the best company that deals with rodent control in Cape Town by offering a broad spectrum of rodent control techniques. We also offer advice services on the measures that one should take to avert a rat problem even before it occurs.

It is well-known that some of the pesticides used to control rodents, rats, and mice can be poisonous especially if they are in contact with areas where food is prepared. Therefore, our rat our licensed team provides pesticides that conform to commercial kitchen requirements to prevent such poisoning. In addition, our company also deals with the sale of rat traps and this is why it is also associated with Rat traps & Bait Cape Town. Please contact us whenever you need any of our services. Our service lines operate round the clock and you should not hesitate to book an appointment with us at any time. We also offer excellent customer service to ensure you get value out of our services.