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Like other places in the globe, this region has realized an increment in infestation of pest.  Since the irritating creatures are the cause of a broad range of diseases as well as damage of property, our pest controllers Stellenbosch have stepped to tackle such problems. We have more than 40 years of experience in pest eradication and we’ve mastered the art of destroying as well as capturing pests with our up-to-date fumigation and exterminating techniques and implementation or bird netting and prevention measures. We have a team of qualified personnel that have been in the forefront in developing new techniques that help control of wasps, bees, spiders, and moth and even dangerous pests.

pest control stellenbosch

We get rid of cockroach infestation fast in addition to removal of problematic ants that infest homes and offices by use of the modern pests’ eradication tools. Our fumigation specialists carry out an analysis that determines the surroundings which deduces an eradication method that is applicable to the specified pests. This enables our exterminators Stellenbosch to conduct the services appropriately without interfering with the neighborhood as well as the external environment. We ensure that every single person that is present on site wears protective gears to avoid contamination with the chemicals.

It is normally usual finding pests like lizards, bees, rodents, wasps as well as bedbugs. A good number of residents have a tendency of ignoring the creatures till they greatly multiply. We are the best pest control in Stellenbosch that eradicates harmful pests in homes and offices. Our rat control services are second to none and we deal with bed bugs fast! In addition, we provide invaluable advice on the different ways that can be used to keep homes free from pests. In case you need an affordable pest fumigation or controlling services, don’t hesitate calling us today.